Certificate Injection

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Attack subtypes

There are no attack subtypes for this attack.



Target Session Managment.jpg

The attacked Single Sign-On component is marked in red colour.

The attack uses the CSRF technique to enforce the victim to change changing configuration data without explicit user interaction.


Mitigation / Countermeasures

Session Management schould include a protection against CSRF to mitigate the attack.

Practical Examples

In 2014, Mainka et al. analyzed 22 Software as a Service cloud providers and found out, that different frameworks were vulnerable to this attack: SAManage, Shiftplanning, BambooHR, IdeaScale, Howlr and CA Service Management.


C. Mainka, V. Mladenov, F. Feldmann, J. Krautwald, J. Schwenk (2014): Your Software at my Service: Security Analysis of SaaS Single Sign-On Solutions in the Cloud. In The ACM Cloud Computing Security Workshop (CCSW).